Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Jesus described God's word as seed that bears fruit to God. Yet so many have never read the entire Bible. There is little that could be more beneficial for 2014.

So will you take up the challenge? It will take just 15-20 minutes a day.

Simply subscribe under 'Follow by email' in the sidebar or 'Subscribe to' in the footer. From 1 January 2014 you will then receive a daily email containing:

1) The Bible references of an OT and a NT reading for the day
2) A key question to ask of God's word as you read - to help you take in what you are reading
3) A brief comment on the OT reading to aid understanding
4) A suggestion on how to pray in response

If you would prefer to do the actual reading on a mobile or tablet, then:
1) Download the YouVersion Bible app here for android or here for iphones/ipads
2) On 1 January, make sure you are online and in the sidebar go to 'Plans' - 'Browse plans' - 'Whole Bible,' then scroll down to the plan titled 'Read through the Bible,' then hit 'start plan.' The plan will start. However you will still need to subscribe here or view this blog for the question, comment and prayer suggestion.

To get going, enter your email address in 'Follow to Email' at the top of this sidebar, or subscribe via 'Subscribe To' in the footer.